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1.Dresses in "Non-profit" are not handmade by our studio. Anna selected the styles very carefully from the local market. They're cheap, but the quality is good. We will double check every dress before shipping it out.
2.If you need a perfect dress for a significant event, I suggest you to order a handmade dress. The dresses made by our studio are always the best, because we have the best skills and we use the best materials. Small to a zipper, we use "YKK" brand, several dollars per one.
  1. Women (11)
  2. Girls (2)
  3. Veils (1)
  4. Skirt (5)
  1. Sweetheart (1)
  2. V-neck (2)
  3. Halter (1)
  4. Scoop (8)
  1. $0.00 - $9.99 (1)
  2. $20.00 - $29.99 (13)
  3. $30.00 and above (4)
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