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Anna's Studio, Profession & Passion

   “AnnaCustomDress” is a studio with 4 excellent dressmakers. Here, at the very beginning, I want to make a promise that 99.99% of you will get satisfied dresses. Even if you met some unexpected problem, you will get satisfied solutions timely. I dare to write this down, and will never delete this paragraph. I am under your supervision.


   Dear everyone, firstly thank you for visiting my website. Some of you are my regular customers. Your consistent supports mean a lot to me. The website was established most because of your suggestions and encouragement. I am so thankful.

   My Etsy shop is still suspending. Each time I emailed them, they replied with a same template, the point of which is “you broke our policies, but we can’t tell you the details.” What a nightmare!

   I have decided to give up Etsy, but I would like to say a “thank you” to it. Through Etsy I know dear you, and several independent dressmakers who met the same situation. Because of sharing a same hobby, we have become good friends in the past few months in fighting against Etsy. On Jan. 1st, 2015, we opened a studio. From then on, I am not working alone. You can’t image how wonderful we are together. We talk about fashion, design new styles, finish our orders.

   The saying “Misfortune may be an actual blessing” is pretty reasonable. I really enjoy my present life. And I think all the dresses made in our studio will be even better than being made by me alone, because the other 3 members are so talent too. Trust us, we won’t let you down!



Female, has been making dresses for nearly 20 years.



Male, has been making dresses for more than 6 years.



Female, has been making dresses for nearly 5 years. She is not an official member, but she can help us whenever I ask.


Christina Leen

Female, has been making dresses for many years. She has a lot of fans too. I guess many of you who’re reading this passage are her dear former customers. I will ask her for help if i get too many orders.


   “Custom Made” is pretty complicated. Supposing I get 3 orders, ACD1102 in mint color, ACD1026 in coral color and ACD7038 in burgundy color.

   Firstly, I need to check the sizes information you provided, if a size seems wrong, like "waist to hem is only 13 inches when your height is 70 inches", I will confirm it with you. then I will calculate how many fabrics I need to buy. Then I will go to the market to buy “5 yards white lace and have them dyed in mint, mint lining, mint zipper”, “5 yards coral chiffon, coral lining, coral zipper” and “7 yards burgundy chiffon, burgundy lining, burgundy zipper, dark gold beads, white crystals”. buying those materials takes me too much time everyday.

   Secondly, have those fabric cut into shapes, like skirt parts(normally 3, 1 for front, and 2 for the back), top parts, sleeves parts…Then sew them together. Cutting and sewing are the most important processes. I can’t express the whole process, but it requires many skills. You need to be very familiar with the structures of the dresses. Normally it takes 3 hours to cut and sew a simple chiffon dress.

   Thirdly, do the embellishment work, like beading, appliqués…then iron the finished dress.

   After all these done, i always check a dress 3 times before shipping it out, especially its details and sizes.